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Where to find us!

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You can also download the StreetFoodFinder app on your smartphone. Great app, you'll see dates and locations with maps and it's free.

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This site is a work in progress, please bare with us as we get this Dream of a company started. We plan on opening in September 2021 and serve the Lakewood Ranch area.

Contact us if you would like us to serve your area, company or event. You know that mid day wedding with an early dinner? Evening sets it, dancing and having fun. Caterer's packed up ready to leave. Now's the right time to bring in the real party, Florida Poutine Co will keep that party going for ya!

You want to have a great birthday party without the trouble of cooking for your guests? We have connections in the inflatables and DJ services too ;)

Send us an email by clicking here

Welcome to Florida Poutine Company

This is a dream come true! To be able to serve you, real poutine (puts-in).

While some places claim they sell poutine out here. I'm sorry, I have searched far and wide, there is no real poutine in Florida.

Until today!!! Poutine was born in Quebec, Canada. What makes a poutine a poutine?

Poutine is made with French fries, sauce and Squeaky cheese curds.

That's the key. There's 1000 ways to make French fries, crispy, soggy, seasoned... I could go on but might start sounding like Bubba! ;)

There's 1000 ways to make sauce.

The star of the dish? You guessed it. Squeaky cheese curds. That's your star ingredient in a poutine, of course when you don't have access to any then you work with what you got.

The closest you can get is shipped via transport, Wisconsin cheese curds. Although very tasty and almost tempting to consider putting in a Fries n gravy and calling it a poutine, not to anyone who's had real poutine before.

Great news!!!

Florida Poutine Company is very proud to have partnered with Myakka City's own Daikin Dairy Farms .

We are now officially making our own, FRESH, LOCAL, SQUEAKY CHEESE, right here in Myakka City, Florida.

Florida Poutine Co, is more than a Food Truck

We make our own cheese, the only Squeaky cheese in Florida

We just set the bar going forward

Floridians now have real poutine

Accept no substitute, you no longer have to

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Did you say toasted Hot-Dogs?

We sure did.

Ah the toasted hot-dog. Brought to you, right here along with your poutine

Ladies and gentlemen, now I don't know if you've ever had a toasted hot-dog before

Our condiment list is as follows: Ketchup, Relish, Mustard, diced onions, slaw!

Try our "All-Dressed" hot-dog (Relish, mustard. onion & slaw! I know, YOU'RE WELCOME :)

And That's Our Menu

Everything is cooked to order. You are the reason we're doing this! Enjoy the quality and care of the product and the service. It's truly an honor to serve you. A lot of time and effort goes in to making this cheese. Once you try it, you'll know exactly why people go crazy over this entrée (Poutine). And that, makes it all worth it! :)

Very easy to understand menu: Poutine + Hot-Dog

The debate is over, no standing in front, holding up the line 20 minutes

Find something else to argue about, it ain't our Menu! :p

In all seriousness, we are the best at what we do, Poutine & Hot-Dogs

It's our specialty, it is what we do,

Our vision, our mission

We really want to keep it simple. Made to order Poutine and toasted Hot-Dogs. Not compromise in quality or service. We hold ourselves to higher standards.

I'm a Gordon Ramsay fan. He knows what he's talking about, he has won and lost in the restaurant business. Clearly, his achievements speak for themselves, and he's hasn't even peaked yet. That being said, what I've learned over the years of watching absolute nightmares in kitchens and fridges. That's the whole point, clean establishment and people working it. Fresh, local ingredients whenever possible and a short menu. Consistency, consistency, consistency. You ALL know the Big Highway sign pictures of those Big name burger joints only to get there, order the thing and wah wah! Yeah, blah like warez the beef, and toppings, wait, is that a pickle? When you order, we will prepare your poutine and your hot-dog on the spot, because we're happy to serve you right. No microwaves allowed on site.

The vision is: For the customer to have an all around great experience from the time we greet them 'till they hit that first bite and suddenly remember what it feels to fall in love with a dish! Fast, friendly service with a "You're Welcome" not a "hmm hmm" when you say thank you. Just good ol' fashioned caring about what we do and making it show.

We care about the food we serve and the customers we serve it to.

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram and stay up to date on our whereabouts, event coverings and new offerings to absolutely send your taste buds to the moon, until XRP does moon!

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